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Kelcee's Story

We had a German Shepard named Kelcee that stole our hearts when we rescued her from the German Shepard rescue in Las Vegas. She was standing with each front leg in a bucket of water trying to cool off in the heat of summer. There were over 200 dogs, all outside in over 100-degree temperatures. It was hard to choose since we wanted to take them all. Kelcee was smart, gentle and calm.

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As time went on, we all gave her love and attention to earn her trust. She decided my husband was her human and she attached herself to him. We took her everywhere with us. We got her trained & she was a very well behaved dog. She also had some health issues we had to learn about. Over time vets were starting to give up on her. We wouldn’t give up until we found a way to make her comfortable.

We found a lady, whose name is Kathy, who owned a pet supply store that specialized in all natural pet food, holistic pet supplements, and raw pet food. We discussed the options that she felt would add to Kelcee’s care. We decided to purchase a Pet Wellness Kit to test for allergies. After it was sent off and returned by the lab, it was determined that Kelcee suffered from many foods and environmental allergies. That gave us a better idea of how to treat her. Kathy put together a plan that included natural pet food, holistic oils, and supplements that became the beginning of a much better quality of life for our Kelcee. She suffered for so long that this was a huge relief for her and for us to see her living a happy life!

We found a vet that was able to find a way through medicine to make her comfortable. That vet is one of the vets on The Vet Life on the Animal Planet. His name is Dr. Michael Lavigne. We will always be thankful to him and for our developed friendship over the years of caring for her, before moving to Texas. He recommended a vet for Kelcee since he was moving and that vet, Dr. Bivens, was also the best a vet could be for her. He went to training classes just for her type of allergies to see what the best mix of meds would be. He was able to keep her comfortable as well as the natural treatments we were doing.

We lost Kelcee to cushings disease and kidney failure on Sept 15, 2018. She was believed to be 10-12 years old. We loved her like we love our children. We spent many days and many dollars on getting her help, treatments and keeping her comfortable. She lived a fun life of adventures with us because of the help from all involved in her journey.

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About Kelcee | Natural Pet Food & Supplements | Preskitt's Pawz n Clawz

Because of Kelcee, and all the people that we met along the way, we were inspired to help the dogs and cats that suffer with ailments. We decided to get more education on food and supplements so that we can help the dogs out there like Kelcee. We take great pride in finding the right pet food to keep your fur baby healthy and happy. We want to make the cat’s and dog’s world a better place!

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