Nutritional Consults

Nutritional Consultations are an excellent source for you to learn about your pet’s diet and how nutrition can either heal or harm how their body functions.

When you book an appointment with our certified pet nutrition specialist, you will be asked a series of questions. This is to make sure the deep dive into the pet’s health and nutritional journey will be a complete overview so that we can build solutions together that will provide a strong nutritional foundation moving forward. This will not be any medical advice. We do ask that you help us understand any medical background of the pet. If you are having a hard time with your pets suffering from organ diseases, lethargy, poor appetite, flaky & itchy skin, vomiting, diarrhea, runny eyes, biting pas, hot spots, dry noses, dehydration, digestion to name a few, we are here to assist by way of a healthy nutritional path.

Do you ever wonder why your dog is itchy and you can’t get to the root of the problems? Are your pets overweight & you are struggling with a weight loss plan for them? Have medications been prescribed but you find that they are just masking the symptoms and not solving the issues? Has the food you are feeding been rejected a majority of the time? Does your pet have reactions to the yearly vaccinations?

We cover a wide variety of topics that can be healed by nutrition. Please give us a call at 928-350-6299 to book an appointment! We really do look forward to helping you help your pets thrive, so that together we can all live in a better world!

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